Southpaw & OtterCreeks Light of Ray


Kadi & Ray Pictured right after winning the Swedish Kennel Club Retrieving Championship

Ray, owned by Kadi Harjak Snaiper Weimaraners in Sweden was a little bird dog as a baby when we had her.  I'll never forget at 7.5 weeks old we put all the pups down in pairs in a hay field on a planted bird to judge them and try to help us evaluate each pups qualities, this little girl was in the top.  After they had bird contact and it flushed I picked up the closest pup to me  carrying to the truck which left Ray on the ground.  After crating one pup I looked back for Ray which I thought would have been on my heels being a baby, she wasn't, Ray was out in the field beating the the grass with her head high bouncing around hunting!  This pup had no care for where we were at anymore.  This is what we breed for, Ray is a great example and I could be no more proud since she has carried this with her to her new home.  She is excelling & leaves us knowing there are big things in store for this girl.   

Ray 5 months old,  hunting Partridge with her Swedish sister Thelma.