Litter Planned, expected day to be born June 1st.  Pregnancy Confirmed

Southpaw's Ottercreek Big Louie
Southpaw & OtterCreek Hallie Belle

Hallie is a hardcore tight built girl. Adapts to the terrain from gun dog in tighter areas to shooting dog in open fields. Nice style, great nose, light and fast on her feet, great gait, and all bird dog. She has won a Open Derby 19 entries in all breed horse back stake and finished out her Field Championship and Amateur Field Championship in less than a year.  Also Navhda tested her as a pup on her NA test getting a Prz 1, 112.  she is like her mama a natural retriever on land or water and a nice wild bird dog.

 Good Hips, Good Elbows, & Thyroid normal OFA Tested. HUU Tested N/HU

Louie is a big strapping boy.  Great temperament, biddability, a lot of prey drive, nice style, independent with a very big run, and good  nose.  Also a retrieving fanatic on land or in water on birds.   We broke him out after his derby points, breaking out very easy then went to the Dakotas to run on wild birds.  He came back his green broke year to run in a few gun dog stakes placing in them before going home to live with my daddy who owns him.    

Good Hips, Elbows, and Normal Thyroid.  OFA Tested

We expect this to be a very solid cross for upland and waterfowl.