Dedicated to producing hard driven Hunting & Field Trial Weimaraners. 

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2016 WCA NATIONAL FIELD CHAMPION & National AMATEUR Field Champion  "Bailee"

 About us:

Our names are Brandon & Taylor Sims located in South Georgia.  We bought our first Weimaraner Bailee in 2012 from Meredith Wadsworth, Southpaw Weimaraners  out of Roanoke, Va.  It didn't take long for this girl to quickly win us over in the field and our home.  After a little encouragement from Meredith we ventured into the performance side of things with Navhda, AKC Hunt Test & Field Trials to now, where we are today.   Our dogs are hunted hard every season from retrieving doves & ducks, hunting quail, or tracking wounded deer.  Even though we compete with our dogs between time we still ask them to do what they were bred for when not snuggled up on the couch with us.

Dog News:

  • 8/11/17  Jack (Stride x Bailee) Got a Prz. 1 score 108 in his Navhda NA Test.
  • 8/6/17  Ollie (Stride x Bailee) Picked up to 2 pts. in the show ring towards his Championship!
  • 8/5/17  Ray (Stride x Bailee) passed & scored the Maximum 10/10 in the Open class Water test & Rabbit track.  Only 2 of 9 dogs tested that day received this score, Ray happened to be one of the Golden ones.
  • 7/9/17  Ray (Stride x Bailee)  scored a maximum 10/10 for the youth class in both Water test & Rabbit track. 
  • 5/2617  Ray (Stride x Bailee) passed her Natural Ability blood tracking test.
  • 4/8/17  Sadie (Stride x Bailee)  wins 1st Place in Open Puppy at the Old Dominion Vizsla Club for 2pts towards her Field Championship!
  • 4/6/17  Sadie (Stride x Bailee) gets 2nd in Open Puppy at the WCA Eastern Classic.
  • 4/6/17   Paisley (Stride x Bailee) gets 3rd in Open Puppy at the WCA Eastern Classic.
  • 4/5/17  Sadie gets 3rd in Open Derby at the WCA Eastern Classic.
  • 3/26/17  Hallie (Stride x Bailee) wins Open Puppy at the North Florida GSP club for 2pts towards her Field Championship!!
  • 3/26/17  Ollie takes 3rd place in Open Puppy at the North Florida GSP club.
  • 3/19/17  Three pups passed the Navhda NA test all with Prize 1 scores!  Sadie 112 pts.,  Ollie 107 pts.,  Hallie 112 pts.
  • 3/4/17 Both Riesling & Paisley (Stride x Bailee) get Two more legs towards there Junior Hunter title.  Atta Girls!
  • 3/3/17  Hallie (Stride x Bailee) passed the WCA NRD test at 10 months!
  • 3/3/17  Bailee passes the WCA NRD test which includes the needed water test to complete her Field Championship & Amateur Field Championship
  • 2/10/17 Ollie (Stride x Bailee) takes 3rd Place in OWP
  • 2/11/17  Sadie (Stride x Bailee) gets 2nd Place in AWP 
  • 2/4/17  Sadie (Stride x Bailee) gets 4th place in AWP for her first field trial placement.
  • 12/5-10/2016  Bailee Wins BOTH the WCA National Field Championship & National Amateur Field Championship.  
  • 11/19/2016  Bailee gets 2nd place in Amateur Limited Gun Dog.
  • 11/19/2016  Hallie gets 3rd in a AWP stake.
  • 11/12/2016  Louie takes 2nd place in a 17 entry Open Gun Dog stake. 
  • 11/11/2016  Ollie Takes 1st place for his first point towards his AFC in AWP!
  • 11/11/2016  Hallie takes 2nd in Amateur Walking puppy.
  • 11/11/2016  Riesling takes 3rd place in AWP.
  • 11/11/2016  Paisley takes 4th in AWP.
  • 10/15/16 Stride takes 2nd place in a 3pt major AGD stake for a point towards his AFC.
  • 10/15/16  Louie gets 3rd for his first Gun Dog placement in a 3pt Major AGD stake.
  • 3/25/16  Stride makes his Gun Dog debut Placing 3rd in both AGD & OGD.
  • 1/7/16  Bailee wns Amatuer Limited Gun Dog.
  • 12/11/15 Bailee wins a 3pt AGD Major
  • 2/7/15 Louie wins Amatuer Derby
  • 1/2/15 Bailee wins her a Major in AGD retrieving.
  • 12/13/14  Bailee wins her first Major in OGD.
  • 3/8/13  Bailee picks up her first Pt towards her FC title with a win in Open Puppy.

Saide 2nd & Paisley 3rd in Open Puppy at the WCA Eastern.  Trainer Niolaus Scharpf

2016 WCA Nationals

Our Dogs doing a little duck hunting between trials